Theseus as a Leader

I’ve been thinking a lot about Theseus and his position of power. As we know, those in positions of power can use it for the benefit of the people they serve or to forward their own agendas.

What sort of leader does Theseus seem to be? What qualities of a leader does he have?


~ by Mrs. Mundy on March 9, 2007.

21 Responses to “Theseus as a Leader”

  1. I think Theseus will turn out to be a good leader in the end of the story

  2. bigschmidt – Why? What qualities of a good leader does he have?

  3. I think theseus will be a good leader because he has good qualities

  4. so far theres not really a whole lot of things mentioned about theseus but from what we read he doesnt seem to be a bad person

  5. All – “good” and “bad” are relative terms. Based on what we’ve seen so far, what SPECIFIC qualities of a leader does he have? What is he lacking? (Click on the word “qualities” in the main post to see more.)

  6. This guy is not a manly man. I’m more of a leader then this guy.

  7. thesus seems to be good at taking in all sides of a dispute and then making a fair decision. This is a key part to being a good leader because often many disputes will come up that needed to be sorted out

  8. he seems to be the duke of his city/town/ville
    or he seems to be the king!!!
    some qualities he obtains is that he is smart, and he has to be a very well respected man to be getting married to the queen of the amazon.

  9. *famous is also he

  10. once we get towards the end of the story, i think theseus will turn out to be a good leader. he’ll be a good leader because he knows how to think, and has good qualities.

  11. He seems to be a very good leader. He treats people fairly from what it seems so far. It seems that he is well respected by his people.

  12. I think he is a good leader so far from what we have read he hasn’t done anything bad for the country or anything…..
    His qualities he has as a leader is kindness..he seems to traet everyone very well. Also he doesn’t judge people like when Hermia had to guys that liked her he didn’t think she was a flirt or anything……
    like isaid i think hes a good leader…

  13. cjf – So, he’s impartial. Good quality!

    jugalette – Fairness seems to be important. That goes along with what cjf said. Do you think our leaders (school, town, city, country, etc.) are fair?

    colette – Kindness! Another important quality! I think it’s important not to judge as well.

    Anyone else?

  14. Thesus will be a good leader because he doesnt abuse his power to much.

  15. I think hes a quiet leader that doesn’t really lean towards one side and tries to make both sides happy.

  16. no i do not think that our leaders are fair expecially the ones in our school

  17. Ty – We’ll see more of Theseus, although he’s been missing since Act I, scene i. Don’t worry!

    Jugalette – Can you elaborate on that a little more?

  18. Right now I’ve noticed that they really haven’t been concentrating on Thesus. So far the book and been talking about Helena, Lysander, Demetrius and Hermia. I wonder what else is to come in the book.

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